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Yea there she was, like Disco Superfly

So I haven't updated my journal in a dick year. But I guess its cause things are going pretty good and I tend to wirte in this bastard when I'm all bothered. Or something. But the point is, I'm back like Platform shoes baby!

So Beth and I are going to spend a bunch of days together starting Valentines, and you know what that means....


(In a manly man voice.....YES!)

I think I'm going to go to the Y tommorrow, work out a little bit. I havent in so long, and my body has just went to hell. I used to be pumped, well sorta, now I'm just a skinny dude. But I think I'm cancelling my Y membership soon for a cellphone. Long distance bills suck.

But its come to the point where I need to talk to Beth nearly everynight. I think we have called each other every day for like the past week or so. Oh well, its all good. And worth every penny.

In 10 days I'll have known Beth for one whole year.....and in another 30 days I'll have been going out with Beth for a year. I've loved her every minute of that. Its amazing, crazy and so beautiful.

I need to get serious about school, but with a long distance relationship, my procrastination, work and my whole blah outlook on things I just can't seem to get into the groove. Its like if I apply myself I'm a A+ student, and if I don't I'm a C/B student. Yea so maybe I'll get serious soon. THis whole "real life" thing is you know, kinda crap. I don't wanna work. But I gotta work, gotta have a car, gotta have a apartment. Its like, one day I woke up and I was a adult.

I need to file my taxes. Maybe I'll do that tommorrow. I have set myself up for such a full plate tommorrow and probably won't go to bed for another 6 hours, I'll surely never do half of it.

I never do anything, yet I can't ever find time to do the things I need to do.

Like buy-back my old car from the repairmen, look for apts, get my car vet tested, do school work and spend time with my family.

Who are a bunch of fucked up folks for the record.... my family that is.

AND who the hell decided that Carrie and Adian on "Sex and the City" could break up? Hello, dipshits your clifthanger last season was they are getting married, and then this season you write them breaking up in two episodes? WTF? Who booked this shit? They were in LOVE....hellllllo.....LOVE....you don't just fall out of love. Jesus. And if you do...NOT IN TWO STINKING EPISODES!

Anywho that does it for me.......

See you next time in..... Updated again or JOURNAL Y2K2!
Same Bat Time!
Same Bat Channel!
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