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J's Journal
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Sunday, October 14th, 2001

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Ah the return......
Its been a while maybe even months since I've wrote in this journal. I suppose I am going to try to keep better tabs with it now. I created it just out of fun, and hope for some wierd reason that my love would read it and see some of the ways I feel. Well now she has made one, and I can't have the name. That kinda bothers me, but I know she wants to vent. Afterall diaries are more a chic thing anyway.

Heartbreaking flashback: Going through my brother's diary as a kid, it was during one of his crazy times, anyway he had my birthday on the wrong day. I remember feeling so let down as a kid. Then again, maybe it was when my B-Day party was. I dunno, I just remember it upset me.

So we've agreed to trade journals in a few months. Wonder how that will turn out? God only knows. She's hard to get inside of sometimes. I think she keeps it all locked up. Relationships are just wierd that way, and she's had bad things happen to her in the past so I know a lot of that has to do with it.

Remember my old journal where she was moving in with her sister? Well now she isn't. I asked her to move in with me, she hasn't given a answer yet. I hope she says yes, fear she'll say no. I can't bare to be so far apart from her. Moving in with her wouldn't be the dream idea, but it would be sooooo much better then this. I'm not sure what scares her most, moving so far away or moving in with me. I fear its probably the latter.

Next weekend she is gonna come see me, I hope that'll swing her to moving to here. That would be so great.

I'm gonna be the Big Bad Wolf for Halloween. I bought this really neat costume. It requires quite a bit of editing on my part, but I think it'll be swank when I get it done. Did I just say swank? Yes I did. Not sure what she is gonna be yet. I'm pushing for little Red Riding Hood. That way we'd match. I'm supposed to go with her on Halloween to some parties, no plans as of yet though. I just dont want my costume to stick out and make me look like a loser in front of her friends. She has a lot of friends. Big tough hockey players. Why does she like me?

-> Note to self: Cause I rule all ass that why! LOL

Anywho, that'll do it for this big entry, hopefully you'll be seeing more of me now. Its good to reflect.
I miss her so much.

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