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Monday, October 15th, 2001

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Licking her toes....
Not much popping off today, cept I bought my baby some thongs. She's agreed to wear all thongs this weekend. I am so wanting her right now.

Bought some tickets to see a broadway show of Dracula this weekend. I paid $60 for the tix, and I still think they are gonna be nosebleed. She says she don't care. Which I guess is all that matters. However, it sure would be nice to up close. I guess I'll write back and tell you (Whoever the fuck that is) how it went. Wish me luck (Whoever the fuck you are) lol.

So yea, about this title, lets just say me and my baby were having some hot convo tonight, and right now I wanna suck her toes...... see why below:

HER : I see my thong, the straps resting on my hips, the front just covering my womanhood, the faint outline of my womanhood - the defination of where it seperates, my thighs and just a small part of my belly.

More her: i'd like to sit on your chest, so you could feel me grow wet as i stroked and licked upon your hardness. Rubbing my thong covered womanhood into you, while i ran my tongue down your shaft and on to your balls, sucking on one, then the other, then putting them both in my mouth, and suckling on them... making you moan, giving you only enough to tease you, then running my tongue back up your cock, and letting the head feel the warmness of my mouth, as i went back to stroking your hardness. Mmm, turning around sucking on your nipples, while your hard cock slid softly in between my cheeks.Moving my ass up and down, making sure you can feel me.

Later on that night....

ME: I think you need a warm mouth on your toes
HER: me too.
ME: I'd love to be suckling on your toes, looking up seeing you in your thong, mmm
HER: yeah?
ME: Oh yes, running my tounge through each space between your toes, sucking each one slowly, licking down your heels, staring at your womanhood wrapped in your thong.

Now thats hot stuff. Wonder if she'd get pissed off knowing I posted that? Its heavily edited from what we were saying tonight. I'm just trying to convey to my diary how hot and steamy tonight is.

Did you know there is like a huge undergound vault of porn on LiveJournal? Like chics who like to get naked and junk. It kinda rules. Some of them should keep their clothes on though, and well the dudes...their dudes, nuff said. Needless to say pretty cool thing I found today.

I wanna make love to my baby.

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