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J's Journal
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Wednesday, October 17th, 2001

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Sick, sad, I'm not glad!
For the past two days my girlfriend has been sick. Also a little sad. I have to admit it came out of nowhere, and my immediate reaction wasn't one of pleasure. I tried to joke around, it fell flat, I tried again, same thing, and then finally I got perturbed.

But I was persistant, up until she let me go to sleep for the night.

I sat back and realized she must truly not feel well. I emailed her concern and she was very nice in replying her apologiez but that she really wasn't feeling well at all.

Well now we're in day two. I haven't talked to her yet, but I know she is feeling possibly even worse. I wish I was there, I could hold her and comfort her in her time of pain. This far away, all I can do is try to talk.

She's coming in this weekend...I CAN'T WAIT :)

Also, I checked on my Dracula tickets, and they wound up being General Admission, meaning we can sit anywhere we want depending on what time we get there. Which is killer.

My Halloween plans? Probably drastically changed. She had a Halloween costume party for us to go to, but now, she might not. Hmm. Yea that sucks (More details coming soon)

Alright, thats it. Except, yea I'm missing her, it makes me sad she's sick and I'm soooo far away.

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