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J's Journal
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Monday, October 22nd, 2001

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The quiet....
I could tell you about this weekend, but I'm not going to now, another issue is on my mind. As a quick PRE-Cap of this weekend, it was SO amazing.

But tonight, my baby gets home. She writes me a email, she gets online. We talk for hmm, maybe 5 mins pretty normal, then suddenly she gets quiet. Not just kinda quiet, totally quiet. She claims to have done nothing, said nothing, and overall acted totally like she hated me.

I asked her whats wrong about 3000000 times, but she claimed nothing was. I am so worried right now. My only clue is one thing she said, and I just can't figure out what or why she is depressed.

I need answers, and she is gonna have to give them to me. If I did something, I deserve to know, if I didn't, then I need to know whats wrong.

Our weekend was so great, that it makes this even harder to follow.

Dear World, please make it all make sense.

I love her.

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