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J's Journal
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Monday, December 10th, 2001

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Perception is a interesting thing in my relationship as of late. I think this past weekend was really good, while my girlfriend does agree with that, she saw tons of things in me that either I did wrong, or that hurt her. Its funny, cause I didn't see any in myself, or her, but she saw some in us both.

I gotta ask myself, was pretending to ignore her at the store worth it? She said something to me about me making her feel unimportant, and once I do remember clearly walking off leaving her looking at something.

I guess, what she probably didn't realize is, I walked off on PURPOSE cause I saw a gift I wanted to get her for Christmas. I couldn't let her see me eyeing it, so I guess I just kinda took off. but if that hurt her, then was it worth it?

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