January 10th, 2002

$$$$ Money, Money, Money....Everybody's got a price! $$$$

I keep listening to this song. They played it at my cousin's funeral. I'd never heard it before. Cool song, makes me emotional, and a great tribute to my cousin I think.

So the subject is money. I remember a year or so ago, I saved up money from work, and got into a car wreck. (I made it out okay) and I ended up with like $2,000 from the wreck, and saved up like another $4,000. Anyway I lived off that $6,000 for a long time, BUT I sure wish I'd gotten a job instead and still had some of it.

Anywho the reason is, right now I need some money. Right now I have out around $800 in loans to people. Yet, I probably won't get it back anytime soon. Not that I mind, except for when I need it. Folks I loaned you the money on the good faith it'd be there when I needed it. Oh well.

I registerd up for College. It'll start again, uh yay! I guess. I've spent $400 I don't have on it, and soon I'll have to spend even more on books. ?WHY?

Anyway I guess I'm done for now. Have I mentioned I'm soooo madly in love with Beth? We had a really great night last night. Just chatting, it was fun. I can't wait to see her again...Just a lil worried about having the money to do so.
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