January 24th, 2002


You know when someone dies you start to think about all the people in your life you've just forgotten. What if they up and died? You wouldn't be able to talk to them again. Yea and that sucks.

So I'm going to try and fix some of these bridges I've burned with old friends. I guess I'm gonna put in some calls this week. Just to random people I haven't talked to in a long time. Some of them I didn't leave on good terms, but hey I'm going to try I guess.

Moving on....I missed some classes this week from school. Jeesh its the second week. I mean I didn't really miss anything cause I turned all my papers in, but even so I don't want to fall into that same trap of being so procrastinating that I don't even go to class.

Last weekend I had thre most incredible weekend with Beth. I mean it was just great. She stayed at my apartment. I mean it was kinda cheap cause it was so short. BUT, on the other hand we just had such a great time. I think its really brightened our relationship. I find myself missing her so much. Earlier today I just sit in the dark and told myself over and over how much I missed my Beffy.....Bethy...or however you'd spell that. I just wanted to give her a 1000 lil smooches.

nWo 4-Life

Beth just made me crackup. She can be so funny sometimes.

Anyway I think I'm gonna call this a journal.

Life is short, live it.
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