J (lovemetender) wrote,

In 24 hours....

In 24 hours I'll be in the arms of my baby, or she'll be in my arms. We'll be locked in a never-ending embrace of love, and honestly I can't wait.

Thats right, she is coming in to town tommorrow. I am truly so excited. I could list the reasons for hours, but the fact is simple, because I love her. Its so hard to be away from the one you love, its always so special when I see her.

I am bursting with excitement and joy.

Tommorrow should be a easy day, go to work, blah, then go immediately to the hotel, check in and meet up with her, then we'll probably spend some time together, then we are off to see Dracula, probably out to eat afterwards, and then back to the hotel room for the night. Lotsa snuggling :)

Then Saturday, is gonna be busy. During the day I wanna take her to go get a costume for Halloween, which will now be done down here. Then we're gonna go out to the mall, or possibly Kentucky Kingdom (Six Flags) depending on the weather. Then later that night, she'll meet my best friend Matt and his girlfriend, we're gonna have some drinks and go to a few haunted houses, should be fun.

Sunday we'll relax until she has to leave, which will be all too soon. :(

I love her, and I just can't wait til I get to see her tommorrow. Its less then 24 hours away. Life is good. My life with her is good.
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