J (lovemetender) wrote,

She wasn't fine

Last time I updated, lets just say, I think she really was just off that night, and it wasn't my fault. But tonight, WOW, well read for yourself....

me: Mail my sexy bunny
her: okay.
me: Oh yeah, and Hi, I love you and junk
her: yeah yeah, Hey and I love you too.
her: okay, done reading.
me: Feedback?
her: not really.
me: lol bitch
her: ack.
me: Hey
me: No acks
me: How was your day?
me: Baby? I was joking with the bitch comment, you do know that right?
her: yeah.
me: You mad? Why the ack?
her: i don't know.. cause you've never actually used "bitch" you always say "biatch" it threw me off, i guess.
me: Oh wow, thats not good.
me: Baby I'm sorry, do you want me to never call you that again?
me: It wasn't ment negative, I swear Beth
her: it's fine.
me: No, you gotta really reassure me its fine
her: it is fine.
me: Swear?
me: Are you upset? Let me know, speak your feelings baby
her: no, i'm fone.
her: fine*
me: Fine, somethings up with that word
me: Describe it not using fine
her: alright.
her: i'm alright.
me: Okay, now what are you doing? Answer some of my questions I done asked
her: i'm not doing anything. and i don't know what your other questions were.
me: Do you want me to never call you that again?
me: How was your Day
her: i don't care, and it was okay.
me: Can I call you?
her: why?
me: Cause I wanna hear your voice
her: if you want.
me: lol you are so not fine
her: what do you mean?
me: You tell me your fine, then say I can call you if I want, you question why I wanna call, your hurt
her: i asked why because i was curious as to why you wanted to call.
her: and i said if you want, because it's your money.
me: Well your not okie dokie Beth
her: then what i am?
me: Not so okie dokie Beth

me: And I need to transform ya back into okie dokie Beth
her: okay.
me: LOL
me: Can you not agree with me?
her: huh?
me: Do you think your okie dokie Beth?
her: sure.
me: How come I aint been sparky?
her: i don't know.
me: Think it has to do with me calling you that word?
her: i don't know.
me: Your are so not helping me here
me: How can I make you smile babygirl?
her: i'm fine.
me: Alright, I'm gonna call ya
her: okay.
me: I love you
her: i love you, too.
me: LOTS
her: i know.

* SO I talked to her on the phone for a hour or two, which isn't cheap via long distance, and she never cheered up. Once again, she just said she didn't know what was wrong with her. It was so unlike her. I've never not been able to cheer her up over the phone. I love her so much, I wish I could make things right. *
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