J (lovemetender) wrote,

This is a test, this is only a test...

Beth sent me this, here are my results....

I see: The big picture
I need: Money
I find: None
I want: Beth
I have: the best girlfriend
I wish: I could spend everyday with her
I love: Beth
I hate: work
I miss: Beth
I fear: death
I feel: decent
I hear: my typing
I smell: ham
I crave: Beth
I search: for eternal life
I wonder: what i'll be
I regret: wasting 6 thousand dollars

When was the last time you...

Smiled: last night
Laughed: last night
Cried: wednesday
Bought something: today
Danced: last weekend
Were sarcastic: last night
Kissed someone: tuesday
Talked to an ex: my birthday
Watched your favorite movie: 8 months
Had a nightmare: two nights ago

What is the last...

Last book you read: Have a nice day
Last movie you saw: Tois
Last song you heard: Its been a while
Last thing you had to drink: Dr.Check
Last time you showered: yesterday
Last thing you ate: ice cream

Do you..

Smoke?: no
Do drugs?: no
Have sex?: yes
Sleep with stuffed animals?: yes
Live in the moment?: some times
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: nah
Play an instrument?: nope
Believe there is life on other planets?: yep
Remember your first love?: yep
Still love her/him?: yep
Read the newspaper?: yes
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: nope
Believe in miracles?: yes
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: sure
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: yes
Consider love a mistake?: never
Like the taste of alcohol?: rubbing? no
Have a favorite candy?: yes
Believe in astrology?: not really
Believe in God?: I think
Believe in magic?: yes
Pray?: not enough
Go to church?: no
Have any pets?: yes
Talk to strangers who IM you?: usually
Wear hats?: no
Have any piercings?: yes
Have any tattoos?: no
Hate yourself?: nah
Have an obsession?: sure
Have a secret crush?: nope
Collect anything?: yes
Have (a) best friend(s)?: yes
Wish on stars?: yes
Like your handwriting?: HAHAHAHA No way
Have any bad habits?: sure
Care about looks?: yes
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