J (lovemetender) wrote,

Would you help a friend, one last time?

I pose a interesting question tonight, one that has happened to me recently, and has most certainly messed me up a little....

Would you clean up the mess of a friend who committed suicide?

Did you know there are no services to do that?
Did you know the Police don't help you?
Did you know blood doesn't come out of carpet?
What do you do?

My cousin, and close friend killed himself a day before his birthday earlier this month. Shot himself in the head with a 22. As luck would have it, I had to stand up for the family and clean up the mess and organize damn near everything but the funeral. I wasn't and still aren't looking for praise or recognition. While looking back on the scenario I am angry at how little respect I got from my mom and grandmother, I can appreciate the fact that I did a good friend one last bit of help.

Its a truly horrific thing to do, I can assure you. Haunts your thoughts, your dreams, your memories. Beth was really good to me though during all this. I doubt I'd made it without her.

I won't whine about my misery, or what I did that cold December morning, but only to say, life is so precious, don't waste it. No one deserves to clean up your blood, nor the pain in brings.
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