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January - Started off the New Year by flirting with some fat chic on New Years, Eww was I ever drunk, kissing a good friend, and almost getting beat up by another good friend's boyfriend. Over the course of the month the friend I kissed thought I liked her, blah. Started the end of our friendship. Remained single, unemployed and bored. Started College.

Feburary - Blah month of nothing during my long period of having lots of money but being unemployed. Partied a lil, and lived like a king. Did decent in college, started to dislike my Psychology class. First test I got a D, I would fail every other test. Mostly cause I didn't go or study. Started going to the Y.

March - The blah month continues to a point where I decide its time to play in the chatrooms on AOL. I try to get into a Louisville chat, but it was full, I try to go into a Kentucky chat, it was full. I stumble into a Indiana chat, and meet a certain Beth. She was witty, a smart ass, and a perfect foil to my humor. I got caught up in her web of defense, and got her to start over with me. Had some nice convos. I knew something was special when she IMed me the next day. Added her to my buddylist, the rest is history.

April - Found out how far away Indiana really is. Thats a big state. Beth and I became a couple, made love :) And I went to Kelli's wedding. I would later find out, her parents thought her and I would have been good together. Ended my friendship with Heather. Was getting pretty buff.

May - Turned 19.....strange how old I feel. Kelli made a big deal out of my Birthday, kudos to her. Beth and I get deeper in our relationship, and shortly after my birthday I start working for at the same place as my mom's boyfriend. American Dispersions. AKA, Hell: The Chemical Factory. I would win the Giles Family Memorial Cup. This would be the last time I saw my cousin.

June - Get my brother hired at work, and my best friend Matt. My mom breaks up with her boyfriend, and my brother quits. I was happy to see him go. He made work hell. Beth and I get closer but don't see enough of each other. I think I ask her to move, she won't.

July - Beth and I start seeing each other more. Beth might move in with her sister. Good and bad with that. Still working, out of College, passed 2 classes. I should mention the whole summer me and Matt ate at Ci-Ci's Pizza and played video games instead of going to school.

August - Took Beth to the State Fair, which was a big deal to me. We stay at a shitty motel, but have a great weekend, so good I forget to sign up for the next semester of college. Almost fight a guy at fair. See Beth a lot. Continue to work, but work really sucks.

September - 6 months with Beth. I give her a diamond ring. I am so in love. However I stress it is not a engagement ring, cause that'll be much bigger :) Beth is not moving in with her sister, her sister kinda ditches that plan.

October - Beth and I spend Halloween together. We fight a lil, and I see her cry. But spend a whole week together, the best week all year for me. Starts the begining of Holiday season.

November - My car breaks down on Thanksgiving, which I spent alone. Beth and I don't see any of each other. I hate and despise my job. Start trying to spend Christmas with Beth. Beth agrees to move in with me when the time is right.

Decemember - Worst month in a long long long time. Trying month for Beth and I, we see each other a bit. My cousin commits suicide, killing a friend and large part of my family in the process. Fucks my head up. Try to get a car, and try to get credit. Get turned down officially 90000 zillion times. Get a new car eventually, I'm starting to like. See Beth at the end of the month, celebrate our Christmas, a few days after the real one. I liked it.

Januaray - Spend the New Year with Beth. Have a good time, but coulda been better. Love her lots, past the trying times I think. Still working. Matt quits Work and goes off to college, and I am very alone.
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